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How to Move to Spain After Brexit

Moving from one country to another or from one continent to another is something that everyone loves. However good moving to another place can feel, there are some challenges that one is likely to experience a personal level like transportation as well as coping with the new environment. Besides, there are a lot of things that you are expected by the law of the country you are moving to do and in this case moving to Spain from the UK.

You should begin applying for your stay in Spain as soon as possible. Always understand that it will not be easy if you want to be a resident of a new country. You should, therefore, be aware that also moving to Spain is a complicated process equal to other countries or even more complex. This said, you do not expect to apply for residency and it will be approved within a few months. This process can take up to six months or more so if you want to move there earlier, you should give yourself an interval of like six months or more and that is why the application process should start early.

Also, you have to get the documents that are needed. You should, first of all, find out what documents you are expected to have as you apply for this process. You can look for an immigration lawyer who can help you know how to go about this process to ensure that you will have all the documents that are needed and that you do the right application so that the process will be easier. The documents must have the correct information and there should be no errors because that will make the process to take longer.

You have to register with the central register. All the documents that are required for confirmation of your movement to Spain will be brought at the central register. It is here also that you will be required to state the reason you want to move to Spain and the period you will stay there will depend on the reason for your movement.

You will need an N.I.I. number. If you succeed to be allowed to move to Spain, you will be required to get an N.I.E. number. An N.I.E. is required once you go to Spain for you will require it to access various services in Spain and also buy a car or properties and there are several other things that you will need.

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